UV Hybrid Gel Semilac Metallic Effect 246 Amaranth 7ml

UV Hybrid Gel Semilac Metallic Effect 246 Amaranth 7ml

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Semilac Metallic effect 246 Amaranth – an intense amaranth that can perfectly match a delicate styling or take the lead in a decisive moment. How you will use in the stylization – it’s up to you!

Semilac Metallic Effect is an effect for UV Hybrid in a form of a classic nail polish. This innovative product guarantees a metallic, chrome shine which was inspired by the most beautiful colors of racing cars. Semilac Metallic Effect is a unique nail polish that will work perfectly as a part of the nail art creation.

This effect for UV Hybrid can be applied on all nails but you will get the best results using it as an element of the nail decoration.

You need to remember to remove any unevenness, crinkles or remnants of your previous manicure – after applying Semilac Metallic Effect they would be even more visible.

  1. Mattify the nail surface, degrease it and apply Semilac Acid-Free Primer (optionally, depending on the nail condition)
  2. Apply Semilac Base and cure it in the lamp (time of curing depends on the power of the lamp)
  3. We recommend to use a light Semilac UV Hybrid before applying Semilac Metallic Effect to boost up its colour. You can also use the UV Hybrid in the same colour as your Semilac Metallic Effect. Cure it in the lamp.
  4. Apply Semilac Top No Wipe and cure it in the lamp.
  5. Now you can apply Semilac Metallic Effect.Because of its specifics, you can observe the separation of layers, that’s why it’s important to shake the bottle before use.
  6. Apply a very thin layer of Semilac Metallic Effect on a cured layer of Semilac Top No Wipe and wait about 2 minutes (the product doesn’t need to be cured in the lamp). When the first layer dries up, apply the second one.
  7. When the second layer of Semilac Metallic Effect is dry, rub off the free edge with the polishing block.
  8. Apply any Semilac top (for the best effect we recommend using Semilac Top No Wipe) and cure it in the lamp. Remember of protecting the free edge. Repeat the process.

Semilac Metallic Effect should be applied only on smooth nails. Otherwise, the effect may be unfavorable.