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Semilac Acid Free Primer for Nail Gel Polish 7 ml

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Semilac Acid Primer Free is a high-quality preparation that strongly decreases the plate, thereby increasing the adhesion of the hybrid, gel or acrylic gel base to the natural nail plate. The product is intended for people whose nails have great difficulties with the adhesion of manicure styling products.

Semilac Primer can only be applied to a natural and intact nail plate.

Product for professional use.

PRIMER freezes at low temperatures (below 10 degrees Celsius). In winter, after unpacking the package, you cannot open the PRIMER. It should be left for an hour at room temperature until it returns to a completely fluid consistency. Only after changing to a liquid form, you can start applying the product to the nail. This behaviour of the product is completely normal and does not change its properties.

Before using Semilac Primer, you need to prepare your nails well for a manicure - mat the plate with a polishing pad, and then degrease it with a Semilac Nail Cleaner. Then you are good to go with your Semilac Primer. To begin, soak the brush in the preparation once. Semilac Primer should only be applied to the tile in spots and in small amounts. Excess product can be disposed of by wiping the brush on the neck of the bottle. After application, wait until it has completely evaporated (about 2 minutes). After this time, you can additionally wipe the plate with a Semilac dust-free swab. Then you can start applying the manicure according to the rules.

Primer - what is this product?
Do you often have difficulties with manicure durability? Time to put a stop to it! The time has come for you to try the nail primer. Unsure of how to apply it? We will reveal some useful information to you. The nail primer is an auxiliary product that you should apply only to the natural nail plate. The main task of the primer is to increase the adhesion of the hybrid, gel or acrylic gel base to the nail plate. After applying the primer to the nail, the surface of the plate is strongly degreased. In this way, the layer of the applied product adheres more strongly to the nail, and thus - lasts longer. 

Acid primer - when to decide?
Acid Primer is a product that really degreases the nail plate. That is why we call it preparation for special tasks. Due to the strong degreasing of the plate - this product is not recommended for weak and sensitive nails. So when should you decide if Semilac acid primer is the best option? The acid primer will work if, despite the use of the acid-free primer, chipping still appears on your styling or your manicure gets stuck. We also recommend this preparation when your plate is very greasy, as an acidic primer will cope with it and help to increase styling durability. Semilac Primer is an extremely efficient product. Even a small amount of preparation ensures its proper operation.

Wondering what else you should know about the acid primer for hybrids? Answer below.

Acid primer - what do you need to remember?
If you decide to use an acid primer under hybrids or another manicure styling, you need to be extremely careful. What should you keep in mind? First of all, read the tips in the section: application and follow the rules specified therein. Remember that the acid primer is a powerful preparation. Therefore, pay special attention to the way it is applied. Make sure that the preparation does not get on the cuticles or shafts around the nail as it may cause skin irritation. Be sure not to wipe the primer with a cleaner or cure it in the lamp. The product dries by itself.

Equipped with such knowledge, you now have a better idea of when using a primer is best! Try Semilac acid primer as a primer for hybrids, gels or acrylic gels, and your dilemmas with a short manicure will be prevented!