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Semilac Beauty Sponge - small

Sale price$9.99

Semilac Mini Beauty Sponge with a smaller teardrop shape is a sponge that can be used for both makeup and manicures. In the world of makeup - it will facilitate the distribution of cosmetics with a creamy texture on the face, and in the case of manicures - its small shape will work wonders when it comes to ombre nail stylization.

The sharpened shape of the Semilac Mini Beauty Sponge precisely distributes the cosmetic in hard to reach places, e.g. around the eyes. The sponge will work when applying, for example, concealer and will hide any skin imperfections. This sponge does not create stains or streaks, ensuring good, even distribution of the product.

The softness of our mini sponge makes applying cosmetics easier, simple and pleasant!

When it comes to applying a manicure, the Semilac Mini Beauty Sponge helps with ombre styling. This allows you to perform precise shading, which is extremely important for the ombre trend.

Please keep in mind, never to use one sponge for both makeup and nail styling! Always keep a sponge for each use, as this is the only way to use the product.

Semilac sponges come in fashionable, pink colour, and are enclosed in a closed tube design, which makes for a perfect storage solution.

Semilac Beauty Sponge - small
Semilac Beauty Sponge - small Sale price$9.99