Semilac Flash Galaxy Blue & Purple 666

Semilac Flash Galaxy Blue & Purple 666

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Semilac Flash Galaxy Blue&Purple 666 - cosmic green with a blend of galactic navy blue and purple dust.
The combination of these colours effectively eliminates dark matter from the main mass of the Semilac galaxy and reduces the impact of gravity.
Powder for nails from Semilac guarantees unearthly styling that will effectively attract your eyes.

SemiFlash Galaxy Application – it is so easy!

1. Create a standard hybrid manicure Semilac Base -> 2x Colour .

2. On top of a cured Color delicately rub the Galxy dust with an applicator (you can apply the Galaxy dust to the color either with or without the dispersion layer).

3. Use a soft bristle brush to remove excess dust.

4. Apply two layers of Top Coat and cure each layer under a lamp.

*When applying SemiFlash it is especially important to cap the free edge of the nail.