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Semilac Silicone Brush #2

Sale price$17.99

The tool ends with two elastic tips: a straight triangular tip and a round cone.

Straight Cutter - allows to enrich the styling of various types of carving (by forming and blending elements). In addition, you will be able to make precise drawings on the nail plate or accurately apply SemiFlash dust. It is also an ideal tool for french styling.

Silicon Brush #2 will also work well when cleaning the cuticles from excess gel, gel polish or SemiFlash dust (after wetting in a nail cleaner, alcohol or acetone).

Round Cone - is perfect for making decorations like precise lines or exact points, it is his specialty! In addition, it is well suited for carving (facilitates the formation and blending of elements). With his help, modeling french lines is much simpler. After wetting in a nai cleaner, alcohol or acetone, he will easily remove gel polish, gel or SemiFlash dust from places where they should not appear!

Semilac Silicone Brush #2
Semilac Silicone Brush #2 Sale price$17.99