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Semilac UV LED Lamp 24W/48

Sale price$110.00


Designed for nail stylists - professional LED 24W/ 48 lamp.

It allows you to choose the power, thereby increasing the energy efficiency and life of the device.

The ergonomic architecture of the lamp allows you to place the whole hand in the middle and immediately harden individual layers of products applied on the nail plate.

The magnetic bottom facilitates cleaning and working with the feet, and the high-quality fan ensures optimal cooling.

The device has been equipped with a motion sensor that automatically starts the process.

The lamp allows for hardening of all hybrid varnishes and UV gels by Semilac.

The lamp power indicator informs about the total rated power of LEDs emitting UV radiation.

Semilac UV LED Lamp 24W/48
Semilac UV LED Lamp 24W/48 Sale price$110.00