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Spider Gum 03 Silver 7 ml

Sale price$19.00

Introducing the unique Semilac Spider Gum silver gel for nail decorations that will inspire countless ideas for your manicure styling!

This gel is incredibly efficient and has a thick, gum-like consistency that makes it easy to apply to the surface of your nails. It's a great product for beginners or for those who are hesitant about using a brush for their nail art. With Semilac Spider Gum, perfect lines and patterns can be yours! It's a quick and impressive way to add truly stunning decorations to any manicure style.

Semilac Spider Gum in silver can be used to break up the monotony of neutral colors! After all, understated classic styles sometimes need a bit of shine. The silver color will add a delicate glow and charm to both light and dark stylings. Silver lines on subtle colors can also work as a great enhancement for wedding manicures.

Thin and simple lines, or perhaps round shapes? The choice is yours! Want to combine silver and gold? Just say the word and you've got it! You can create a luminous composition like a constellation by combining these two Semilac Spider Gum colors in any form.

You can also mix and match the silver color with other Semilac Spider Gum shades to create even more possibilities for decorations. We're curious to see what creative compositions you come up with! Armed with Semilac Spider Gum, go conquer your manicure! Let the power of colorful lines be with you!

For thicker layers of product, we recommend doubling the curing time during application.

Spider Gum 03 Silver 7 ml
Spider Gum 03 Silver 7 ml Sale price$19.00